I got a nice surprise today when I saw over 300 downloads this week. It's great reading peoples comments in forums. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions, comments or videos.
I woke up early in a cold morning to make this time lapse. It was dark when I started it and I was unsure of where the sun was going to raise from. In the middle of the time lapse I realised that it was going to be out of picture!.... no problem, motiontimelapser will help me :)
I moved the tripod suddenly and splitted the time lapse in two different folders. I used motion time lapser to make the last picture of the first folder and the first picture of the second folder the same. It wasn't a planned decision and the movement wasn't smooth, but that's not the software's fault, it's mine.
Here is the result. I'll try to do a 360º time lapse spinning the camera manually and then overlaping the folders, I'm sure we can get good results if made carefully.


Robert de Glopper
05/09/2013 8:45pm

Really cool and a nice video. Can you do something about the colour when it gets darker when the sun rises? That is the opposite of what you would expect.

06/20/2013 3:23pm

Yes, you're right. The problem is that the camera was in auto mode, when the sun rises there is more light and the speed increases leaving the rest of areas darker.
If you don't want that, use the manual mode, adjusting the same speed and aperture from the beggining. The problem in this case is that it's difficult to know how much light you'll have when the sun rises.
You can also use settings that get the light of the whole area instead of focusing mainly in the centre of the picture....
As always, the best thing to do is to practice until you're happy with the results.
Thanks for stopping by.


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